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    Yellow Chips

    Une mission croquante

    Yellow Chips ravive la flamme dans l’industrie nord-ouest européenne de la chips. Non content d’exceller sur le marché des chips bio, des chips de légumes et des chips tradition, Yellow Chips se caractérise par son approche enthousiaste et transparente et par son partenariat avec des agriculteurs locaux. Faites connaissance avec Yellow Chips : des entrepreneurs avec une mission croquante.

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  • A dream come true

    GoPure stands for organic products of the highest quality, locally grown ingredients (wherever possible), and traditional cooking methods, without artificial additives.

    GoPure is pure. In other words: back to the source.

    GoPure is the flagship brand of Yellow Chips: an initiative of three passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to use their experience in the world of chips and savoury snacks to create the tastiest natural and organic chips ever. Some might call it a vocation. We simply say that we love what we do.

    GoPure is more than just the tastiest organic chips. Our brand also stands for an open and personal way of working together with all the links in the chain, as shown for example by our cooperation with local farmers and organic specialist shops.

    GoPure chips are manufactured in Emmeloord, the potato capital of Europe. Centrally located in the Dutch and Northern European market and practically on the doorstep of our raw material suppliers in Flevoland.

    GoPure - straight from the land.


  • GoPure organic vegetable chips mixed varieties parsnip, carrot, beetroot & sweet potato 90g

    GoPure organic vegetable chips have everything: the perfect crunch, refined flavours and different textures. No wonder: each bag of GoPure vegetable chips contains a rich arsenal of carrots, beetroot, the 'forgotten' parsnip and sweet potato. It also goes without saying that these organic vegetables are all batch cooked in 100% organic sunflower oil. The only thing we add is a pinch of sea salt.

    gluten free & vegan

  • GoPure organic vegetable chips sweet potato chips tomato & rosemary 80g

    GoPure organic vegetable chips sweet potato, tomato & rosemary combines the refined flavour of sweet potato with the freshness of tomato. A hint of rosemary adds a Mediterranean touch. These chips will have you licking your fingers! Obviously, all ingredients are 100% organic and the chips are prepared in our traditional hand-cooked way.

    gluten free & vegan

  • GoPure organic natural crunch chips fennel 125g

    This is a must-try: crunchy potato chips with the subtle taste of fennel. So that’s with a fresh and delicate, anise-like flavour. Inspired by the refined cuisine of Mediterranean Europe and of India, the secret behind this delectable combination is the addition of ground fennel seeds. Of course we make these chips using the best organic potatoes, frying them in small batches in 100% organic oil. The fennel seeds are purely organic as well. Wholly organic potato chips were never more delicious than this!

    glutenfree & vegan

  • GoPure organic classic chips rosemary 125g

    Crispy potato chips with a pinch of sea salt and the refined taste of rosemary. Very simple, but irresistibly tasty. And very different again from the other GoPure chips! Why resist the temptation? They come in bags of 125g.

    gluten free & vegan

  • GoPure organic classic chips paprika 125g - pure & authentic

    Close your eyes and picture this: the fresh crispiness  of potato chips fried in sunflower oil, with an elegant flavour of authentic paprika spices. Paprika-flavoured potato chips never tasted this pure before! And they come in two varieties: ridge cut paprika chips with a unique bite, and the ‘classic’ paprika chips that you just can’t stop crunching . Both are 100%  organic of course, and not just vegan and allergen-free but free of other additives like yeast and sugar too. Think you’re dreaming? Time to open your eyes and head to the shop, because this sensational treat for your taste buds    is on sale right now!

    gluten free & vegan

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